Project Zion Podcast

509 | Grounds for Peace | Nonviolence Conversations

September 09, 2022 Project Zion Podcast
Project Zion Podcast
509 | Grounds for Peace | Nonviolence Conversations
Show Notes

Get a brief overview of the key concepts explored during the USA Nonviolence Conversations in Spring 2022. Clips from Session Five bring the voices of many into the circle of dialogue as we consider Four Approaches to Violence and various nonviolent responses. Poignant stories from Monica, Marketer, and Kuzma make it up-close and personal.


Link to all five USA Nonviolence Conversations, support docs and resources:


Principles of Faithful Disagreement: see page 44


Four Approaches to Violence (resource):


Host: Robin Linkhart
Guests: Community of Christ Members

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Intro and Outro music used with permission:

“For Everyone Born,” Community of Christ Sings #285. Music © 2006 Brian Mann, admin. General Board of Global Ministries t/a GBGMusik, 458 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30308.

“The Trees of the Field,” Community of Christ Sings # 645, Music © 1975 Stuart Dauerman, Lillenas Publishing Company (admin. Music Services).

All music for this episode was performed by Dr. Jan Kraybill, and produced by Chad Godfrey.

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